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Thank You!

Thank you so much for your order. We truly appreciate your business.

Here are a few helpful links to make your ordering experience even better:

If you checked out as a "guest" (instead of creating an account), and you want to create an account now, you have two options:

  • Check your email! Your order confirmation email has a link to create an account.
  • Click "LOGIN" (in the footer of this page), and, using the email you used to create your order, select forgot my password.

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Hidden Pages

Oops! You found it!

So. We needed an easy page to access our landing pages and other random content that doesn't belong in the main navigation of this site. So we bury it here! 

You must be a bit of an internet sleuther to find it though. So since you've gone to all the trouble of finding this page, feel free to stick around and explore! Who knows what you'll find!?

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